Teeth Whitening

Kristal Clinic 

What is Teeth Whiting?

Teeth whitening is a procedure that can be done using different techniques, which grant people whiter teeth and healthier gums depending on several factors.

Teeth Whitening Techniques

There are many different techniques for teeth whitening some of these are performed by a dentist and some are modern or old techniques that people can do in the comfort of their homes.

1- Professional Teeth Whitening

This procedure occurs in the dental Clinic and is called in-office teeth whiting. Dentists use hydrogen peroxide as the primary whitening agent.
It usually takes an hour to a half to conclude the session, depending on the patient’s needs.
Dentists also use high-intensity lights to maintain the color of the whitened teeth for a longer time.

How is it done?

2- Teeth Whitening at Home

This method includes using different materials and techniques that help you have whiter teeth at home.

There are many different types of toothpaste that you can buy in the drugstore or pharmacy. The results take a long time to appear, people using it can expect results in two to three weeks. The teeth are expected to be a degree or two whiter.

This product is very much similar to teeth whitening toothpaste. The results of using this product last for about two months, all you have to do is follow the instructions that come with the product.

This treatment is custom-made by the dentist. Your dentist takes an impression of your teeth with a gel that contains a whitening agent. This product is usually given to patients who are expected to develop stains on their teeth after an in-office teeth whitening treatment.

How to Maintain White Teeth?

Here are some valuable tips from our dentist at Kristal Clinic  on how to maintain white teeth.

Teeth whitening demands both time and money, which is why it is better to contact your dentist before going through any treatment plan because they will help you choose the best option for you.