Dental Crowns

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Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are used to restore the shape of the tooth, protect it and also to cover it. Dentists usually turn to this treatment when tooth fillings are not enough to solve the problem.

What are dental crowns?

Over time and for many different reasons teeth may be subject to decay or damage which may affect the size and shape of teeth. Dental crowns are caps that cover the tooth and restore its shape or size or both.

When do dentists use dental crowns?

Dentists may resort to dental crowns to:

Personal care

What are dental crowns made of?

There are many different materials used in manufacturing the crowns, these materials affect the cost of the treatment as well as the final results.

The materials used in manufacturing dental crowns are but the best ones are:

This type of dental crown has a natural colour that matches the colour of the tooth next to it, but in many cases, the metal shows a dark line around the tooth. In some cases, the porcelain wears off which may affect the other teeth and cause other issues that will need treatment.

Zirconia Crowns are made of an artificial stone which is made from a metal that is similar to titanium called zirconium dioxide. This type of crowns has many qualities that make them the best choice for patients who are looking for quality and longevity because they are strong and do not chip or break even when patients eat hard food.

This type of crowns is made from a special ceramic which enables technicians to create strong and semi-natural crowns. Dentists around the world agree that this type of dental crowns is the best due to the many advantages it possesses most importantly the natural shape and texture of these crowns. 

The process of dental crowns treatment

The process starts by sending an ex-ray to the dentist, according to the x-ray the dentist will usually start the treatment by performing a root canal and treating any infection or decay in the tooth. The next step involves reducing the size of the tooth that is receiving the crown.

The dentist will then take an impression of the patient’s teeth to make sure that the crown will not affect the other teeth or have a negative effect on the patient’s bite.

At Kristal Clinic , these impressions serve as the foundation for crafting the patient’s chosen dental crowns, considering their preferences for material and color. While the permanent crowns are in production, our experienced dental team at Kristal Clinic ensures that the treated tooth is safeguarded and fully functional by placing a temporary crown in the interim period.

The time required for this treatment varies according to each patient as usually there are other treatments involved.

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