Hollywood Smile

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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is one of the most common dental treatments for patients who wish to have the perfect smile. This treatment is a combination of treatments that aim to reshape the teeth, fix the chipped teeth, and replace missing teeth.

How to get a Hollywood smile?

Patients who wish to have Hollywood smile treatment with Kristal Clinic start by having a free consultation, usually an online one for patients who are coming from outside of Turkey.

The treatment is planned and designed according to the needs of each patient. Hollywood smile treatment may include one or more of the following:

Personal care

The Benefits of Hollywood Smile

There are many benefits to Hollywood smile that have an immediate positive effect on the overall dental and oral health of patients who choose to receive this treatment.

The benefit of this popular treatment include:

The Cost of Hollywood Smile

The cost of this treatment depends on the combination of dental treatments that are required in order to give the patients the best possible results. As mentioned earlier a Hollywood Smile treatment may, in many cases include different dental cosmetic treatments that have different costs.

Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey is the lowest when compared with the European countries, the UK, USA, and Canada.
High-quality treatment and reasonable cost are factors that attract foreign patients to come and visit Istanbul-Turkey.

At Kristal Clinic we provide our patients with an exact estimate of the cost of their treatment in addition to their accommodations. We aim to provide our patients with the best treatment without any hidden fees through the hand of the best medical teams and technicians who always deliver what they promise.

This treatment which was an exclusive treatment to the elite is now available for all patients who wish to have a perfectly healthy smile that lasts for a lifetime and can be done in only a few days.