Dental Implants in Turkey

dental implants in turkey have become a popular choice for many seeking high-quality, cost-effective solutions for missing teeth. This country has gained a reputation for its advanced dental technologies and skilled practitioners, attracting patients from around the world. In this article, we’ll explore why Turkey is a top destination for dental implants, delve into the process and benefits of undergoing this dental procedure abroad, and provide essential tips for those considering this option. Whether you’re looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss or simply curious about the advantages of getting dental implants in Turkey, this guide will provide you with all the information you need.


Dental Implants in Turkey: Types, Prices, Procedures, and Patient Reviews

Turkey has become a global hotspot for dental tourism, particularly for those seeking dental implants. The combination of experienced clinicians, cutting-edge technology, and significantly lower costs compared to many Western countries makes Turkey an attractive. destination for dental care. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the types of dental implants available in Turkey, their prices, procedural details, and genuine patient reviews.

Types of Dental Implants  in Turkey Available

The first step in understanding why Turkey is a leading choice for dental implants in turkey is to explore the types available:

  1. Endosteal Implants: These are the most commonly used type of dental implants. They are placed directly into the jawbone and serve as a sturdy base for the artificial tooth.
  2. Subperiosteal Implants: Unlike endosteal implants, these are placed on top of the jawbone but under the gum. This type is typically used for patients who do not have enough healthy jawbone and do not want to undergo a bone augmentation procedure to rebuild it.
  3. Zygomatic Implants: The most complex type, these are longer than traditional implants and are anchored in the cheekbone rather than the jawbone. They are an option for patients with significant bone loss who cannot have conventional implants without extensive bone grafting.

Prices of dental implants in Turkey

The cost of dental implants in Turkey can vary widely depending on the type of implant, the clinic’s reputation, and the complexity of the patient’s case. However, prices are generally much more affordable than in the U.S. or Europe. For instance:

  • The average cost for a single dental implant in Turkey is approximately $500 to $1,000, which includes the implant, abutment, and crown.
  • Complex procedures like zygomatic implants might cost between $1,500 to $2,500 per implant.

These prices are often inclusive of additional services such as consultations, x-rays, and possibly even accommodation and transport, depending on the clinic.


dental implants in turkey


Procedures for Dental Implants in Turkey

The procedure for getting a dental implant in Turkey is thorough and patient-focused, involving several stages:

  1. Initial Consultation: This includes a detailed dental examination, 3D scans, and a review of the patient’s dental and medical history to ensure they are suitable candidates for implants.
  2. Implant Placement: The actual implant is surgically placed into the jawbone under local anesthesia. This procedure is typically quick and painless.
  3. Healing Period: After the implant has been placed, a period of healing (osseointegration) occurs, usually taking from three to six months. During this time, the implant fuses with the jawbone to provide a solid foundation for the artificial tooth.
  4. Abutment and Crown Placement: Once the implant has integrated with the bone, an abutment is attached to hold the custom-made crown in place.


zirconium oxide dental implants

Patient Reviews and Satisfaction about dental implants in turkey

Patient reviews often highlight the high level of care and satisfaction experienced in Turkish dental clinics. Many note the professionalism of the dentists, the excellent outcomes of their treatments, and the overall affordability of the procedures. Patients also frequently commend the additional services offered by clinics, such as assistance with travel arrangements and accommodation, which make the entire process smoother and more comfortable.


Opting for a dental implant in Turkey not only offers a cost-effective solution but also ensures access to quality dental care. With a variety of implant options available, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and highly skilled dental professionals, Turkey stands out as a prime destination for those looking to enhance their smile.

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FAQs from Google 

Is it a good idea to get dental implants in Turkey?
In conclusion, while getting dental implants in Turkey can be an attractive option for some individuals, it’s crucial to approach it with caution. Thorough research is key when considering a dental implant. It is important to evaluate the safety standards of clinics and ensure the expertise of dentists.

How long does implant take in Turkey?
Conventional Dental Implant treatment in Turkey takes from 3 months to 1 year. The first phase normally takes 8 to 10 days and second phase takes 7 days. However, when the patients jawbone is suitable, it is possible to finish the first phase of the treatment in a single visit of 24 hours.

How many trips to Turkey for dental implants?

FAQ. How many times do I need to visit Turkey for my Implant treatment? In the case of Dental Implants two visits to Turkey are required to complete the treatment. This ensures that the Implants are strong in the jaw bone to support your new Crowns.

Can a tooth implant be done in a day?
In most cases, the implants and temporary bridge are fitted in one day – hence the name of the treatment. There are rare occasions when treatment can’t be completed in a day, as sometimes bone loss in the jaw means implants can’t be supported straight away.

Where do celebrities get their teeth done in Turkey?
Dentatur dental clinic

Celebs prefer the quality of teeth treatment over a big name. That is why Dentatur Dental Clinic in Turkey has gained a lot of trust among both ordinary people and celebrities from many countries. This dental clinic has been around for a long time, which is an important indicator

Can you trust dentist in Turkey?

Turkish dental clinics stand out for their advanced technology and highly skilled dentists, many of whom are internationally trained. From intricate dental implants to cosmetic procedures, Turkey offers a vast range of treatments at costs significantly lower than many Western countries.