Dental Implant in Turkey: Types, Prices, Procedures

Dental Implants in Turkey: Types, Prices, Procedures

Introduction to Dental Implants

Dental Implant in turkey  Advantages In the mouth, dental implants take on the role of tooth roots. For fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are designed to resemble your natural teeth, implants offer a solid basis. Compared to removable dentures, implant-supported tooth replacements are more stable and useful. . Dental implants in Turkey are among the treatments provided at international standards. The success of dental implants is high, lifetime is long, it provide significant advantages in terms of aesthetics and comfort, and other missing teeth around the tooth do not need to be cut. They make it easier to speak, feel part of the inside like natural teeth, and prevent the deterioration of the jawbone, while dental implants have a natural appearance thanks to zirconium or ceramic crowns. Tooth loss not only leads to a lack of self-confidence in speaking and smiling but also many difficulties in chewing. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth begin to put more pressure on each other. If this void is not filled, speech may be distorted over time. Furthermore, as a result of continuous chewing and pressure occurring during eating, the teeth next to the gap can start to dislodge. Implant treatment is the best option to prevent these problems.

Types of Dental Implants

Titanium dental implants are classified into three types based on their shape and surface structure: screw implants, cylindrical (or root-formed or screwless implants), and plate-type implants. They are further categorized according to their position in the mouth: endosteal, subperiosteal, and transosteal implants. Dental implants designed to support entire dentures are classified according to their attachments, which include ball attachment, bar attachment, precise joint connection implants, and magnetic and micro implants. The surgical treatment may create discomfort for the patient. This soreness often lasts 2-3 days and is produced not just by the extraction or procedure, but also by other teeth and conditions. These discomfort and edema issues may last longer, especially if the bone structure is not compact (often in the maxilla). The level of discomfort and edema may be estimated based on each patient’s timeframe. Furthermore, any form and discomfort concerns that may occur later after implant surgery are often caused by the position of the patient’s implant perforation or the direction of stress exerted by surrounding teeth.

Types of Dental Implants in turkey

3. Cost of Dental Implants in Turkey

Now, a wide range of quality dental implants are produced in countries such as Turkey, South Korea, and India.

Manufacturers within the denture are very sensitive about the training and techniques of the dentists who will use their products, so quality dental work is possible.

In summary, price comparisons can be made as follows.

A high-quality, successful dental implant is slightly more expensive when it is placed in Turkey.

Low-quality, unsuccessful dental care is cheaper in Serbia, Romania, and other Eastern European countries.

The most expensive should not be seen on the Swiss and German options as the cost difference is high due to state-based support for more successful implant treatments.

Please note that there are differences in dental implant prices even in the city to be applied in Turkey.

The fact that there are many dental implant brands causes differences in prices.

For example, while the production and name of an inferior implant are not known, the names of the implant systems are known all over the world.

This is ensured by the high marketing, promotion, and research studies of the companies.

As a result, the price difference arises.

Also, it is the highest expectation of most people to have no difference between implant and natural teeth.

This is possible with a high-quality, successful dental implant.

In general, the cheapest dental implants are produced in Eastern Europe.

Compared to Western Europe and the USA, the quality of the implant and the dental work performed is lower in this area

4. Procedures for Getting Dental Implants

According to the famous Duru Dent dentist, you can have a new smile in 5 days and renew 20 teeth on the upper or lower jaw as well as 40 on both jaws all at once without using prosthesis.

Duru Dent uses Bone level – GP implants, they are a good alternative to your own teeth with their healthy and natural appearance.

While it takes several sessions and waiting time as long as one year at other dental health centers, your new teeth are delivered to you in 5 days.

Times for having a new smile: 1st day: Visit and Implant Planning; 2nd day: Implanting; 3rd day: Suture Receiving; 5th day: Teeth; 7th day: You Ready to Laugh.

First, let’s take a look at suggested procedures by Turkey’s most leading dental health institutions.
Then we can evaluate those procedures for necessary improvements.
According to Ac1badem Dent Aksesuar, people with a minimum of 18 years are suitable for implants; however, there is no maximum age limit.

After a pre-counselling, if your teeth and surrounding tissues are healthy, the screws are inserted in the bone and wait for approximately 3-6 months.

Selected teeth are formed and permanent prosthetic work is inserted.
New teeth can be used just like natural teeth.

In addition, the number of the screws changes according to the number of teeth to be planted.

dental implant in turkey

5. what is a dental implant made of 

The popularity can be explained as follows: Dental implants are metal roots that are introduced into the bone structure for patients with missing teeth to be able to chew better, replace natural teeth, and provide the aesthetic appearance of the patient. Since titanium and titanium alloys have very high strength, wear strength, and material properties in the same bone tissue environment, they have been in the foreground.

In addition, another factor in preference is the fact that they do not contain any harmful substances that will have negative effects on human health.

Titanium and its alloys are also quite biocompatible materials. Although the alloy form of titanium is biologically proven and verified, it is not used as an implant material because many people and organizations oppose using titanium alloys as the implant material. They prefer the pure titanium elements used in treatments. The use of pure titanium elements used in titanium dental implants has persisted in its current form. After completing their research, today’s manufacturers are trying to produce implants with pure titanium, Art Titanium-NB, and zirconia, as they challenge both nature and themselves. With the innovative method, time savings are also sought in this contest.

1) Composite materials that are pure titanium. Currently, the materials utilized to make/manufacture dental implants are: Materials used to make and manufacture dental implants

2) Titanium alloys, which are a mixed form of titanium, aluminum, and vanadium.

3) Zirconium.


dental implant in turkey

6. Why choose Istanbul for dental implants

You may experience health and dental health problems that may have long-term risks as well as just discomfort, particularly in the teeth, if you delayed the return to Turkey.

Thus, you can protect your future health by having the missing dental implants done at the appropriate time.

Dental implant prices in Istanbul and Turkey are also crucially important in this regard.

Dental implant prices in Istanbul and Turkey are far lower than in the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, a single-tooth dental implant is regarded as cosmetic surgery in the United Kingdom but is mostly utilized for health care in Turkey.

In other words, dental implant treatment is not within the scope of health insurance in the UK.

With modern internationalization, we are able to buy what we want at the best price.

Prices for dental implants in Istanbul are among the cheapest in Turkey, the world, Europe, and, of course, the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, health insurance provides for a substantial amount of dental implants.

But when dental insurance is not involved, it can remind us of what we learned from World War II – Britain held up the white flag in dentistry.

7. pros and cons of getting dental implants

Disadvantages of Dental Implants

Although dental implants have many advantages, such as mouth fractures or sinus infections, in rare cases, patients may experience tooth loss on the base implant. They are counted as part of the unique structure of the mouth and will be damaged in major traumas. The most important reasons for the difficulty of the implantation with the doctor can list as follows:

– Total bleeding and inflammation in the patients are not allowed to heal after implantation.

– Smoking is not prohibited. – As shown by all relevant applications.

– As if talking to every detail about the treatment.

Developing a sense of trust between the physician and the patient is actually a huge factor in the success of the treatment. Psychological comfort is also effective during the treatment. Permanent and natural tooth replacement is provided.

It provides patients with self-confidence and motivation for life.

The interactions of these cases can result in success. Advantages of Dental Implants The most important advantage of dental implants is that they minimize the losses. Healthy teeth in the mouth are not ground, untouched and as they are.

The patient can easily maintain oral care and diet habits. Among the biggest advantages of dental implants are:

– The comfort

– The reliability

– The healthy appearance and look

– The healthy and natural masticatory capability

– The endurance and stability – The healthy teeth

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Is it a good idea to get dental implants in Turkey?

In conclusion, while getting dental implants in Turkey can be an attractive option for some individuals, it's crucial to approach it with caution. Thorough research is key when considering a dental implant. It is important to evaluate the safety standards of clinics and ensure the expertise of dentists.

How long does implant take in Turkey?

Conventional Dental Implant treatment in Turkey takes from 3 months to 1 year. The first phase normally takes 8 to 10 days and second phase takes 7 days. However, when the patients jawbone is suitable, it is possible to finish the first phase of the treatment in a single visit of 24 hours.

How many trips to Turkey for dental implants?

FAQ. How many times do I need to visit Turkey for my Implant treatment? In the case of Dental Implants two visits to Turkey are required to complete the treatment. This ensures that the Implants are strong in the jaw bone to support your new Crowns.

Can a tooth implant be done in a day?

In most cases, tooth implant and temporary bridge are fitted in one day – hence the name of the treatment. There are rare occasions when treatment can't be completed in a day, as sometimes bone loss in the jaw means implants can't be supported straight away.

Where do celebrities get their teeth done in Turkey?

kristal dental clinic
Celebs prefer the quality of teeth treatment over a big name. That is why kristal dental clinic in Turkey has gained a lot of trust among both ordinary people and celebrities from many countries. This dental clinic has been around for a long time, which is an important indicator


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